November 8, 2017


We are glad to inform you that Telecard and Kyivtransparkservis, in cooperation with Vodafone Ukraine and Kyivstar telecom operators, have been able to use the TelePark service to pay for parking in Kyiv electronically from their mobile account (for subscribers of Vodafone and Kyivstar )
To start using the service, you need to register the mobile phone number and registration number of the car. To do this, just send to the number 849 an SMS with the car number (for example: “АА1234ХХ”).
Payment is made from the mobile account of Vodafone and Kyivstar operators from any mobile phone, even a button, by sending a short number 849 USSD request in the format:
* 849 * (land plot) #
For example, to pay parking hours on Lev Tolstoy Square (area A1001), you must enter “* 849 * 1001 #” on the phone and press the call button.
The driver receives an SMS message confirming successful payment from site http://uaparking.online. After the location permit is granted, the nearest parking areas, their addresses and even the opportunity to build a route to the chosen site, view the cost and code for payment, will be displayed.
All charges are centrally stored and displayed in a special parking control system for parking companies, where each parking area is provided with a current status and a report.
Controllers, in case of expiration of the paid parking time of a particular car, have the opportunity to send a registered driver a reminder about the need to re-pay, which the driver can do remotely, without having to go back to the car.
For more detailed information on the rules for the provision and use of the TelePark service from TeleCard, please visit the information page http://uaparking.info.

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