Chandelier Assessments is a web-based computer-aided system firmly that is rooted in psychological educational & social learning principles and concepts, provided by the leading philosophers and scientists of the last century.

Advantages of the system:

  • Focused on the definition of sustainability – promotes the promotion and development of confidence
  • Data entry into the system provides paperless workflow or insignificant use of paper documents
  • Provides a significant improvement in the quality of service
  • Time and therefore cost-saving
  • Instant access to the entire array of information. Different levels of information are available directly on the screen
  • An integrated and structured set of data and information
  • Simultaneous study and analysis of data
  • An objective assessment is based on a study of a wide range of factors, for example, factors that support or negatively affect the development of potential
  • Opens unexpected, innovative and alternative ways of investigating individual cases, determines the level of potential and best practices in terms of supporting educational and psychological development and / or treatment
  • Tool for a deep interaction with a specialist