January 27, 2018


OS 11.3 beta 1 Apple continues to rename its products and services by removing the cult letter i. This time the changes affected iBooks applications. Now it’s just Books.

Not so long ago, the same thing happened with the music component of iTunes. Though the iTunes Store still exists, the new music listening service called Apple Music, and the application itself, in which it works, is Music. Probably, after the final release of iOS 11.3, the iBooks Store library will turn into Apple Books.

It is worth noting that in the Russian language the Apple Music application is called “Music”. Perhaps later Books will be translated and named “Books”.

The new scheme of product names and services appeared in 2014, when Apple announced Apple Watch – a product that many called the iWatch before its release. It was then that the name became the name of the company. It is believed that the letter “i” disappears from the names of Apple products, because it has become too widespread. Many sites, repair shops and shops have assigned it to themselves. Now these institutions and resources are associated with the iPhone manufacturer, which the head of the corporation, apparently, does not really like.

This letter has a long history. The first product of the company with the letter i in the name appeared in 1998. It was an iMac computer. At that time, the letter “i” meant internet, and after somehow got accustomed and migrated to iPod, iPhone and iPad. Of course, such well-known devices of the company are unlikely to be renamed, but to wait for the emergence of new ones with a similar name is no longer worth it.