Elect.Pro provides usual for business tools: planning, solutions for organization of team work, sociology and marketing, analytics, geoinformation systems – combined in one solution for management of political processes. The main objective of a system – provide client with “an open code” of the selected territory and organize its social reclamation and management.


eMap – system for automation of operation of deputy’s (party’s) headquarters that is combined web-environment for organization quality work of a team where all information is structured and cooperation with electorate is established. It is an instrument of synchronous operation of every employee with large amounts of information in table and cartographic forms. System has user friendly interface and ergonomic design that makes it even easier to operate the system. eMap can operate in base and satellite maps mode with a function of automatic search of objects and related elements.


eCast – Your personal, alternative Central Electoral Commission; system that allows reacting to violations on electoral districts promptly and perform parallel vote counting on election day providing transparency and objectivity of results.

Basic Group Company has a right to act for software owners and provide services on localization, adaptation (customization), installing, setting and supporting of Elect.pro software on the territory of Europe and former Soviet States.