Reports system of FFU security officers and match directors is a common environment for security officers, match directors and FFU management for exchange of reports, documents and other information regarding matches on the territory of Ukraine.

Advantages of the system:

  • Accumulation of information on games in the form of reports;
  • Accumulation of information on accredited stadiums in the form of a list of available documents required for their accreditation;
  • Reduction of the time for processing the data needed to security officers and match directors to prepare for matches and create reports;
  • Ability to access the system from any device and at any time;
  • Flexibility and availability of the system in terms of user levels and their capabilities in the system;
  • Two-level users authentication ensures maximum protection of information;
  • Centralization of all the information necessary for the effective work of FFU security officers and match directors  in a unified system.