Scientia – System for distance learning and advanced training Scientia – unique program that gives listeners an opportunity to gain knowledge simultaneously performing their duties. Scientia software is high-tech and state-of-the-art in Ukraine, advanced technologies were used for software creation. System is easy to use, has user-friendly interface and can be used from PC or tablet.

Major advantages for system for distance learning implementations are:

  • ability to cover a great number of listeners;
  • creation of lectures using up-to-date technologies with addition of multimedia materials;
  • technological effectiveness; ability to learn, take part in webinars and take test using PC, laptop or tablet;
  • improvement of learning effectiveness;
  • formation of learning programs and monitoring of listener’s covering of educational materials;
  • system of tests and examinations;
  • tracking of material covering for each listener individually;
  • creation of conditions where every listener is given a chance to get quality education;
  • function to use platforms and, in particular, webinar module out of educational scope: in corporate sector and others.

Functionality of system for distance learning and advanced training:

  • In educational establishments: allow to get quality and specialized education, pass a preparation course for Standardized External Testing or acquire knowledge at extracurricular activities.
  • In corporate sector: advanced training and retraining, teaching of new employees and evaluation of existing ones;
  • For specialized online courses;
  • In automobile schools;
  • At language courses;
  • In training companies/

Basic Group Company has a right to use a right of authorship for “Scientia platform” as a part of complex system for distance learning and advanced training Scientia.

Moreover, Basic Group Company has a conclusion of research and instructional methodology expertise performed by Institute of innovative technology and content of education of Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine as to approval of using Scientia in educational establishments.