e-Space virtual academic environment is a free online school of a new type that allows teenagers not only to receive a thorough basic knowledge, but also provides an opportunity to get to know themselves and the world around them, find new hobbies and develop already known ones. e-Space is a guide that helps children to take the path of personality formation and unfolding of their potential.

Advantages of the service:

  • Offers individual testing to identify interests, natural inclinations and potential, which will determine the professional orienting point;
  • Allows a child to develop along a path he chose on his own: choose only those courses that interest him;
  • Provides access to education for students from different cities and people with limited physical capacities;
  • Reduces the costs of training and provides access to knowledge to an unlimited number of students at a time convenient for them;
  • Increases the quality of learning by using modern electronic libraries when selecting and mastering material for courses;
  • Provides the student with a concrete and accurate picture of his successes and achievements.