RQR-Inventory – hardware and software complex for keeping record and inventorying of material assets (MA) with a usage of QR coding technologies for any institution or enterprise that will significantly save employee’s time, help to organize the whole process of keeping record of MA and provide storage of structured documents connected with MA inside information system.

QR coding technology allows to perform unique identification of each particular MA and provide general information about it, and printer will create a sticker with QR code and general information in split second.

Functionality and advantages of RQR-Inventory

  • Keeping online record of MA by the responsible employees of institution.
  • Flexible settings allow to keep record of MA in institutions and enterprises with any structure.
  • Creation of accompanying and accounting documents – stickers with QR codes, pated and inventory cards – and maintaining of data base.
  • Synchronizing of information with bookkeeping program installed in your institution (enterprise) that eliminate the necessity of systematic bookkeeping checks with general service department.
  • Decrease of mistake probability caused by human factor
  • Reducing of working and financial expenditures on keeping record of MA.
  • Improvement of control of location and transportation of MA and decrease of probability of stealing and illegal use.

Hardware and software complex of RQR-inventory consists of six major modules:

  • Module “Structure” – designed for modeling of institution (enterprise) structure with unlimited quantity of levels (branches, structural subdivision, stalls, floors, offices).
  • Module “Categories” – used for description of quality quantities and parameters of MA (size, weight, configuration, color, power, productivity etc).
  • Module “Regulatory Structure” – contains documents (laws, by-laws etc.) regulating procedure of keeping record and inventorying of MA.
  • Module “Admission” of MA – designed for keeping record of MA by the responsible employees of institution (enterprise).
  • Module “Delivery” of MA – designed for completing the procedure of delivery of MA to responsible employees of institution (enterprise).
  • Module “Inventorying” of MA – designed for performing complex and selective inspections for MA presence, information about them, location and responsible employees. Due to scanning of QR code inspections are carried out fast and accurately.