Patentem® – complex information system for sessions, meetings and voting.

Patentem® software, which task is a complex help in management and organization of business-processes connected with holding a conferences, congresses and other events, solves the following tasks:

  • clear observance of regulatory standards due to detailed rules of a system;
  • implemented paperless technology of collective work with agenda formation;
  • complete replacement of paper documents to their soft copy, display of accompanying documents to agenda issues with a function of their review in different modes;
  • reduction in time expenditure for preparation, approval and execution of events.

Patentem® is a solution that can be integrated with hardware component of conference system of word leaders. Successful integration of  Patentem® software in Ukraine was performed by «Bosch Security Systems B.V.» – a well-known brand that is a producer of safeguarding system equipment and communication systems.

In 2015 Patentem software with customization and adaptation to the needs of Customer together with hardware and software complex of “Bosch Security Systems B.V.” congress system, powered by DCN Next Generation System, was implemented in:

  • Session hall of the Coordination Board of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine;
  • Session hall of the Committee on state building, regional policy and local government of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.
Система Patentem в Погоджувальній Раді ВРУ
Session hall of the Coordination Board of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine
Система Patentem в Комітеті
Session hall of the Committee on state building, regional policy and local government of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine

Major functionality of Patentem® software :

  • working with complex information system for sessions, meetings and voting from any device (all-in-one, laptop, tablet etc.);
  • formation of electronic minutes of a session;
  • advanced functionality for “Chairman” during a session: change of speakers order, control the time of speech, agenda editing, control of the voting process etc.;
  • function to vote on touch screen;
  • voting with a display of detailed results;
  • different mode of voting including anonymous;
  • display of voting results in different variants (numeric, graphic, group, by name);
  • display at participants’ desk and on additional information screens online video of a speaker with accompanying information, time of speech, presentation materials etc.;
  • working with notes to documents;
  • display of updated event calendar (sessions, conferences, meetings etc.);
  • АWS «Tribune» with adaptive abilities to hold speeches and display materials;
  • exchange of messages between participants (group and private).

It’s worth mentioning some of essential advantages:

  • mobile apps for Android, iOS* and Windows* with a display of agenda issues and a function of working with notes and accompanying documents in offline mode;
  • function of software increment and rework of software capabilities according to Customer’s wishes and needs;
  • function to integrate with Microsoft Active Directory and other services for user identification;
  • function of online video streaming of a session through official website of organization and YouTube channel;
  • function to integrate  with client’s databases and information systems for document management;
  • multilingual interface of system;
  • adaptation of software design to corporate style of a Customer.

Additional functionality that can be implemented (including hardware expansion):

  • different ways to identify participants of a session: chip card, nfc, pin code, biometric data (finger print);
  • high resolution cameras with auto tracking of a speaker;
  • function to vote on both touch screen and with a help of buttons;
  • display of information on additional plasma panels;
  • two-level user authentication;
  • encryption of data bases;
  • usage of SLL certificates;
  • safety system of information circuit;
  • system of simultaneous translation;
  • computer stenography of phonograms and text in digitalized form with a function of further printing;
  • formation of stenographs archive of plenary sessions with a quick search;
  • auto recording synchronized with a work of congress system on participants’ microphones turning on/off.

Patentem® software is a property of  Sterkonix Company  (

Basic Group Company has a right to provide services regarding localization, adaptation (customization), installing, setting and supporting of Patentem® software on the territory of Ukraine.