eCast – it’s without exaggeration Your personal, alternative Central Electoral Commission. It is automated system, created using information technologies, that allows to control every stage of election day by having constant access to the latest information from every District Electoral Commission and perform parallel vote counting in such a way providing transparency and objectivity of results.

In a technical sense, eCast – it’s web-oriented software with integrated SMS processing center.

Basically, it’s an instrument that allows to collect and link data effectively from election observers at all District Electoral Commissions. Due to automation of this process, data updates in online mode, and it makes it possible to react instantly and prevent possible threats to transparency of elections.

eCast solves the major problem for today – inability to wholistically control the course of election day all District Electoral Commissions. If this process is not automated, it becomes long, expensive and inaccurate, since decentralized data base, broken communication, human factor, paper document flow makes it impossible to solve problems instantly.

eCast solves all these problems. It allows to monitor information flow from all District Electoral Commissions in a real time mode, hold a constant connection with all participants (in particular, observers and lawyers), and – the most important – do it effectively due to automation of all the processes.

System was operated during the elections to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine and received positive feedback from Maksym Sadvasov – head receptionist of “Petro Poroshenko’s Block Solidarnist” – link to the article:

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