October 28, 2019

October 25, 2019 held a forum“Digitalization of policy”Which was devoted to the modern tools of the campaign.

– How to automate the work of the party headquarters? – How to effectively counter the falsification? – How to pick a team and increase voter engagement in their work? Answers to these questions sought political technologists, social scientists, public relations experts in the forum.

Experts discussed the modern tools of the campaign and concluded that the upcoming election campaign is difficult to imagine without digital technology. Digital opens new possibilities and simplifies organizational work at times.

In particular, digital system of election campaign Elect.Pro allows to manage the work of staff and campaign network, monitor their performance, keep track of resources and distance learning agitators.

The forum was attended by deputies of Ukraine Maxim Savrasov, head of ICT KCSA Yuri Nazarov, Executive Director Basic Group Katrin Yushchenko, President Bohush Communications Denis Bogush, SMM-specialist Michael Crow, political scientist NGO “Ukrainian center of social development” Igor Reyterovych, PR-manager “YevroOptymisty” Anna Simonyan and sociologist, founder ACTIVE GROUP Andrei Yeremenko.

Forum organized by Basic Group the support Ukrainian center of social development.

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October 15, 2019

On October 25, 2019, the Digitalization of Politics Forum will be held in Kyiv – the secrets of a successful election campaign and effective management of the headquarters of a political party.

The program of the forum includes a discussion of pressing issues of the election campaign in Ukraine and the world. The event will be attended by party leaders, politicians and leading political technologists of Ukraine.

As part of the event, 2 blocks will be opened, which include a series of speeches on IT in the work of the headquarters, analytical tools for team selection and key competencies.

Leading marketing and PR specialists in Ukraine will present a number of cases that reflect the effective use of social networks and work with regional opinion leaders.

Members of Ukrainian political parties will talk about:
– Digital headquarters – automation and KRI;
– Data analytics – everyday decision making tools;
– SMM in politics – social networks and interaction with opinion leaders;
– Digital “Election Day”: automation, transparency and anti-fraud;
– Increased voter engagement. Direct democracy at the level of “electoral candidate (party).”
This unique event will provide an opportunity to discuss and understand all the latest global changes in political technologies.

Register on the forum in the telegram bot or on the official website of the event
October 25 at IQ Business Center, 9:00 a.m.
For additional questions – 0632070833, Natalia.



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