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Samsung’s new flagship will scan not only a person, but also a rainbow eye to recognize the user.

The less time left for the Samsung Galaxy S9 presentation, the more details about the novelty become known. Not so long ago the network got renders of the smartphone and even videos where you can see the working gadget.

Now it became known about one feature of the novelty – intellectual scanning. This system is not represented either in the stable operating software of Samsung, or in beta versions of Android 8.0 Oreo.

Representatives of the company describe the function as a combination of the mechanism of recognition of the user’s face with the scanning of the iris. Due to this, you can unlock the phone even in very dim or too bright light.

A YouTube video appeared on YouTube showing how the system will work.

Depending on the environment, the smartphone will give priority to one or another method of recognition in order to reduce the number of incorrect unblocking.

To operate such a function, it is not necessary to develop special cameras and sensors. Therefore, if Samsung Galaxy S9 succeeds, similar tools may appear in other smartphone brands.