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Sometimes it seems that the fantastic city of the future based on the use of high technology, never be established and will remain dreams, because in order to “modify” modern cities need huge resources! However, the Chinese company Baidu plans to create a “city of the future” from scratch only 100 kilometers from Beijing.

Construction of the city will be in the new economic zone Xiongan New Area, which aims to become a test platform for testing new technologies associated primarily with the technology of artificial intelligence. A large-scale city-planning project has several goals at once. First, highly populous unload Beijing, and secondly, to create “environmentally friendly and technologically developed city.” Initially, the city’s area will be 100 square kilometers and will eventually be extended to 2,000 square kilometers. Such a territory can accommodate from 2 to 2.5 million people.

The new city provides a radically new infrastructure using intelligent public transport and unmanned vehicles, before the first test in which Baidu has already begun. In addition, many urban objects and communications will be managed by a special neural network with the capabilities of artificial intelligence.